Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rate my Fish Tank

Sometimes it happens, your aquaddiction suffers a lull. It can happen after a battle with disease or the death of a favorite fish, or when those plants just won't thrive, from lack of time due to work or family obligations, or from a lack of money to buy cool new gadgets and fish. Whatever the reason, most of us aquarium lovers have periods of less interest in our fish tanks.

I've found that if I'm wallowing in one of those phases I can pop out of it by just mentally planning what I'll do someday when I do have the time, the money or the working wet green thumb. One of my favorite sources of inspiration in these times is It's also a great place to start when you are ready to launch a new project or replace your existing tanks.

Right now one of my favorite tanks there is this indoor waterfall set-up. I have long wanted to try to put together an indoor corner waterfall with foliage rising up and out of the tank and here this guy has it already done. It is so much like what i had in mind I have to go stare at it every now and then. I am very jealous.

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